ArdEx Installation Image

The ArdEx installation image.

Install this on the Arduino as follows:

  1. Plug Arduino into USB
  2. avrdude -q -V -p atmega328p -D -c arduino -b 115200 -P serial -U flash:w:ardex.hex:i

    (where serial is the name of the serial port the Arduino is plugged into)

You must already have avrdude on your system. If you don't, or the above doesn't make sense, see Getting Started.

ArdEx is written as an ordinary Arduino sketch, but rather than being distributed as source code, it comes as a compressed hex file. While this runs contrary to open source norms, I'll defend the choice on two grounds:

  1. It would be nice to have people volunteering to fix bugs for me, but I'm worried that some people might "enhance" the instruction set or the addressing modes. This could lead to confusion amongst viewers and detract from the effort put into the videos.
  2. It is more convenient in a classroom environment to load the same image onto many Arduinos in one session. Requiring people to install the whole Arduino environment and build from scratch is not so friendly.