Page Section

The [PAGE] section defines the content and behaviour of the dashboard pages. The first page defined is displayed on power up. Pressing the next-page button displays the second and subsequent pages, with the first page following the last.

Each page definition has the following form:

name {
poll block
show block

The name is not very important, but it will appear on the preview page. It and the open brace must appear on the same line, with the rest of the definition on later lines. The closing brace must also be on a line by itself.

The settings set overall behaviour for the page. The poll block identifies what information to retrieve from the Megasquirt. The show block defines how the information will be displayed.

Everything within the braces is optional. An empty page definition gives a blank screen; the dashboard won't request anything from the Megasquirt, but waits for the next-page button to be pressed.


Poll block

The poll block declares what is to be retrieved from the Megasquirt. It is structured as follows:

poll { channels }

where channels is made up of zero or more entries of the form:

channel_name { options }

channel_name is the name of one of the channels from the [OutputChannels] section of the Megasquirt INI file. It is case sensitive and must match exactly.

options is a group of zero or more of the following:

If no options are specified the braces may be omitted too.

Show block

The show block defines how polled information is to be displayed. It is structured as follows:

show { widgets }

where widgets is made up of zero or more entries of the form:

slot wtype{woptions}


Smaller slot values must come before larger ones, and using a slot that is already occupied by an earlier widget will lead to an error.

Any slots not explicitly assigned will be populated with BLANK widgets.